What causes thread veins?

Thread veins are generally genetic and there is a strong chance if your family suffers from thread veins then so will you. However, trauma to an area can also cause thread veins.

Thread veins can be caused by a range of things that are not just genetic, such as smoking, damaged skin, and even alcohol usage or lifestyle choices. These little broken veins are caused by tiny blood vessels bursting out into little branches also known as thread or spider veins.

Treatment of thread veins

Thread veins can be treated using our Cutera Excel V+ laser. Laser light is absorbed by the red blood cells in the blood vessels which causes the cells to become sticky and then causes the vessels to collapse. These collapsed vessels are then absorbed by the body.

Thread Veins can also be treated using cautery with our hyfrecator. This works by heating the blood vessel causing the vessel to collapse. The collapsed vessel is then absorbed by the body.

For treatment of thread veins on the face please refer to our page on rosacea and flushing.

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