What Causes Acne Scarring?

When patients present with acne scarring it is generally caused by larger spots which have damaged the skin by popping or picking at the scabs. It is a common side effect of acne and can massively affect a person’s self-confidence. When the body heals these wounds, it produces collagen. However, it may not look the same as the surrounding skin, leaving people with various levels of scarring ranging from light scarring and pigmentation, to heavy pitted scarring.

How to Treat Acne Scars

Treatment of acne scarring depends on the level and depth of scars. We recommend that you start improving the skin’s quality by investing in the cosmeceutical skin range ZO Skin Health. This will combat the cause of acne and help to resurface the skin, combatting inflammation and scarring.

There are a range of lasers available to those with acne scarring and treatment is dependent on the level of scarring and the desired downtime.

A lighter treatment would be Laser Genesis. is a non-invasive acne treatment that delivers targeted heat to kill the bacteria that causes acne, while also stimulating the regenerative properties of your skin to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

For those with heavier scarring and with pitted scars, you could use Alma Hybrid laser which combines ablative CO2 laser and non-ablative 1570nm laser. During the treatment, every pixel can be chosen to suit the parameters and ratio – one pixel can be non-ablative, while the other can be ablative. This enables the treatment of virtually any body area.

Hydrafacials can be used to prepare before having laser treatment as they help to remove dead skin and prepare the skin so that the laser treatment can penetrate the skin properly. DermaLux LED treatment is also fantastic while healing from any laser treatments.

For those who are unable to have Laser due to skin colour, medication, or sensitivities, you can treat acne scarring with Secret RF Microneedling. The RF energy heats tissue to stimulate new collagen and elastin while the microneedles deliver this energy to the scarred problem areas below the skin. This combination of RF and microneedling delivers unprecedented results for patients who want to minimize the scars acne has left behind.

Finally, we would recommend investing in Skinade. Their unique blend of collagen peptides promotes the skin’s health to heal and rejuvenate the skin while stimulating it to produce collagen more readily, reducing the appearance of scarring. This is fantastic at restoring your skin’s health from the inside out while improving skin function.

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