What causes sagging earlobes?

As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin meaning that our skin can start to wrinkle and sag. This affects all areas of our body. While many people take great care of their face, the ear lobes are often forgotten.

Added to the degradation of collagen and elastin, there is the added pressure of what we do with our ears. Adding in gravity and the weight of fashionable big and heavy earrings this can further stretch our ears. Sleeping in earrings can also slowly sag our ear lobes due to the pulling of the ear lobes as we turn. Over many years, this can really take its toll.

Treatment for sagging earlobes

By injecting a small amount of dermal fillers, you can re-volumize the earlobe, producing plump ear lobes. This procedure needs a very small amount of dermal filler which are strategically injected around the existing hole and earlobes giving an instant and immediate lift. In addition to this, your ears will be able to better support jewellery which is especially beneficial for those with diamonds which need to catch the light to show off their full sparkle.

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