What causes Hollow Temples?

As we age, we suffer from tissue and fat loss in the temple. In addition to this, we lose bone density meaning that features can look sunken and hollow. This is classically seen around the temples and eye sockets. This is especially pronounced in very lean and athletic people as well as those who are older.

By restoring the volume of the temple, you can lift the eyebrows and open out the eyes. There will also be lifting of the middle part of the face and re-establishment of the natural volume of your temple.

Treatment for Hollow Temples

At Health and Aesthetics, we use Dermal Fillers which are injected into the temple area. Dermal Fillers are made with Hyaluronic Acid and restores volume when injected into the temple. When you restore this volume, you can also create a lift in the upper and middle part of the face, causing a reduction in the appearance of jowls.

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