Dr Rekha Tailor is the founder and Medical Director of Health & Aesthetics. She graduated from Manchester Medical School  in 1989 and is a fully qualified General Practitioner and Medical Aesthetic Practitioner. She has worked in NHS hospitals and General Practice for numerous years before becoming a full time Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in 2005.

She practices medicine in accordance with the GMC’s Good Medical practice Guidelines, overseeing all patient consultations and treatment planning.

Dr Tailor is one of the UK’s leading non-surgical cosmetic specialists, having combined her extensive clinical expertise and artistic flair to specialise in Aesthetic Medicine, and is known for her light touch and incredibly natural looking results.

She has received specialist training in the use and administration of all products and treatments offered by the clinic. She is a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

Dr Rekha Tailor

Rekha’s Story

“As a GP I saw a lot of patients with skin issues including acne, rosacea, pigmentation and scars. I saw the distress that they suffered and wanted to help them find a solution. I also had acne rosacea which was also affecting me. This unfortunately was not resolving with conventional treatments such as antibiotic creams or tablets.

I then heard about laser treatments, which were relatively new at the time and decided to look into this. I wanted to learn more about laser treatments and their applications and so I attended teaching hospitals in London to sit in the clinics to learn and observe.  I was lucky enough to be advised to attend the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (now the BCAM).

I was thrilled to be invited to the meeting at the BACD and heard about the array of non-surgical cosmetic treatments which really was all new to a traditional General Practitioner. I was really fascinated and interested, so was determined to learn more.

I attended other national training meetings and national conferences across the UK, often taking my husband who is a surgeon along with me. He one time exclaimed “it is amazing how much you can achieve with just a needle!”

My interest grew as I developed more knowledge and trained to be a practitioner administering injectables such as Botox and Fillers and various laser treatments.

From 2005 I started treating a small number of patients from a treatment room. But for me, this wasn’t enough. I wanted to offer an array of treatments to help more people and so decided to open a clinic. This did need my full-time attention and so I decided to leave General Practice.

I opened Health & Aesthetics in 2008. Not only have I been able to help thousands of patients over the numerous years of running Health & Aesthetics, but I have also fully treated my own acne rosacea. Although I could not have the appropriate laser treatment due to my skin type, I have been able to treat with cosmeceuticals and skin peels, leaving me with clear skin.

I am proud to work in the industry I do, and strive to maintain not just the highest standards, but also offer the latest treatments to my patients. I want all of my patients to walk into our clinic and feel safe and informed and walk out looking confident and natural.”

“Always remember: Look Good. Feel Great. Stay Natural.”

Dr Rekha Tailor
Dr Rekha Tailor

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At Health & Aesthetics, we believe that the fundamental basis for a successful aesthetic procedure is an in-depth consultation with a skilled qualified practitioner to assess your needs and develop a bespoke personal treatment plan so that you achieve outstanding natural looking results. You can call us on 01252 933 133.

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