What causes cellulite?

Although the precise cause of cellulite is unknown, it appears to be due to the way the connective tissue beneath the skin interacts with the fat. When fat cells get larger, the connective tissue does not change length, meaning that fat cells protrude into the layer of skin, giving that orange peel appearance. However, in men, this connective tissue is criss-crossed rather than vertical, hence why men suffer a lot less than women from cellulite.

Further as we age and women approach menopause, reducing levels of oestrogen causes blood flow to decrease to the connective tissue. This results in less collagen production and fat cells swelling. In turn, these fat deposits become more visible creating further dimpling. As we age, skin becomes thinner which is a further cause of cellulite appearing.

Treatments for Cellulite

Accent Prime is an FDA approved treatment and is a fantastic way to combat cellulite. Accent Prime combines Ultrasound which destroys fat cells by shaking them, so they burst. The handpiece is unique in that not only does it destroy fat with Ultrasound, but then targets the skin with Radio Frequency. Radio Frequency, heats the skin to promote collagen production and hence the skin quality improves which helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Finally, the head of the handpiece has a massage roller function which stimulates lymphatic draining and increases circulation to the treatment area. This all helps to stimulate the breakdown of cellulite and contour the body safely and effectively.

CoolSculpting in an FDA approved treatment which can be used to reduce fat deposits in the body.  Although it does not treat cellulite itself, it reduces the volume of fat by up to 25% killing the fat cells which are then eliminated from the body.

ZO Skin Health have two body products which specifically targets the connective tissue and lengthens the bands, diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Combined with the use of Skinade, this can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite topically. When these products are used in conjunction with Accent Prime, you can tackle cellulite effectively.



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