What causes Acne?

There are a number of causes of acne. This can be due to anything from makeup blocking pores, stress and hormonal issues. The predominant cause of acne is sebum (oil) production which can swiftly lead to spots and pimples.

When you have acne, pores become blocked with dead skin so the sebum (oil) cannot escape resulting in white heads, blackheads and milia. Some people make more oil – for example teenagers due to hormone changes. The blocked pores become infected with P. Acnes bacteria resulting in spots and pimples and even acne. As a result the skin will become more red and inflamed.

By controlling the sebum production and creating a healthy skincare routine, you can treat both the cause and symptoms of acne and have lifelong beautiful skin.

How to Treat Acne

There are a number of treatments we offer to help the skin. The first thing we recommend is using our cosmeceutical range ZO Skin Health by Dr Zein Obagi. This has incredible results by targeting oil production, cleansing and exfoliating the skin, removing the P. Acnes bacteria, restoring a healthy skin barrier function and restoring a normal skin cycle. By adding in Retinols, you can also improve the texture of skin including acne scarring by helping with the production of fresh skin cells.

In combination with ZO Skin Health, we would also recommend a course of HydraFacials which can fight acne, clean and exfoliate the skin and ensure all debris is removed from pores. This will help to not only target breakouts, but also diminish the appearance of scarring and help to keep your skin pimple free. This is followed by a DermaLux LED light treatment which is clinically proven to help with healing, promote collagen production and kill bacteria on the skin.

Other treatments we offer include Laser Genesis. This is a laser that treats acne vulgaris safely by delivering enough heat to the skin to kill the bacteria in the active breakouts, causing the breakout to dry out and heal much faster.

We also offer a range of peels that kill P.Acne bacteria, reduce sebum production, offer deep exfoliation as well as stimulation of collagen to improve the skin’s quality and function.

Finally, we recommend targeting skin health from the inside by using Skinade. It is a much-loved product by celebrities to treat lines and wrinkles and improve skin health. It has fantastic results in producing healthier, clearer skin and enhances collagen production to promote healing and anti-aging while improving the appearance of scarring.

For those looking to further conceal any uneven pigment or skin issues, we offer mineral makeup and Oxygenetix foundation which offers a range of coverage while being non-comedogenic and breathable.

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