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Dermal Fillers in Surrey

Dermal fillers, otherwise known as facial fillers, are readily available at our specialist clinic in Elstead, Godalming, Surrey. Dermal Fillers are a cosmetic injectable treatment which works to plump and fill out lines and hollows, rejuvenating the face and creating a fresher, more youthful appearance.

We can use fillers to treat lines and wrinkles, loss of volume, sagging jawline and eye bags. They can also improve the quality of the skin. This is a very popular treatment with our patients from throughout the Surrey and Hampshire areas, so contact us today to book your consultation at our award-winning clinic.

At a Glance

Duration of treatment

30 -60 minutes including anaesthetic numbing time.

Anaesthesia required

Local anaesthetic cream for 20 minutes before treatment.


Keloid scarring. Active cold sores. Active infection. Anti-coagulants. Pregnancy & Breast-feeding.

Recovery time

Very little with mild swelling and possibly mild bruising. This can be easily concealed with make-up.


Smoothes out lines and wrinkles, improves volume in the lips and cheeks and lifts the face.

Suitable for

Lines and wrinkles, loss of facial volume, jowls & sagging.

Number of treatments

Single or course of treatments. Results can last for up to 18 months.


We use premium fillers – Juvederm Vycross Range. Prices start from £350. Please contact the clinic for more information.

Treatment Videos


Some fillers also encourage your skin to produce collagen. We use these on the face and hands, but are not reversible. High quality collagen stimulating fillers available at our clinic include Radiesse.

Hyaluronic acid fillers work by attracting water from the surrounding tissues, helping the skin to retain moisture which adds plumpness, smooths lines and restores volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used almost anywhere on the body, including the face, nose, lips, neck, décolletage and hands. These fillers are fully reversible and can be easily removed if required. At Health & Aesthetics we use only the safest and highest quality hyaluronic acid fillers, including Juvederm and Emervel.

Some fillers also encourage your skin to produce collagen. We use these on the face and hands, but are not reversible. High quality collagen stimulating fillers available at our clinic include Radiesse.

The 8-Point Face Lift is a clever technique to restore lost volume and structure to the face using carefully targeted fillers. Dr Mauricio de Maio, an eminent surgeon from Brazil, developed this technique.
Over recent years, we reached a better understanding of the ageing process and volume loss. This means more sophisticated treatments available for everyone. With this technique, we can use small amounts of filler at different points on the face to create a rejuvenated, natural look. After the 8-point lift, Dr de Maio developed his technique further which are now called MD Codes.

MeDical (MD) Codes are a series of predefined and precise injection sites in the face. Just like the 8-point facelift technique, Dr de Maio developed these codes, making it even more detailed and precise. Dr Tailor will administer dermal fillers to these points and this results in a more rejuvenated, natural looking face.Did you know that there are 75 different MD Codes for the face?

Use of MD Codes allows for a bespoke, tailor made treatment. The practitioner has to monitor and check the facial proportions and anatomy before using the codes to rejuvenate, lift and give natural results. In the past, injectors administered fillers as seen fit. This did not address the cause of the problem but instead added weight and volume. Dr Tailor has extensive experience with injectable treatments and use of MD Codes.

Skinboosters are an excellent treatment for treating dry skin on the face and the backs of the hands. They help to hydrate the skin and create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, you will see the results straight away. Moreover, the effects will last between 6 months and 2 years, depending upon the areas treated and the filler used.

For more information on this treatment or to book your appointment at our award-winning clinic, please contact us, we look forward to welcoming you at our clinic.

Facial Fillers


Sculpting the cheeks, chin, jawline and nose
Nose-to-mouth lines (nasolabial lines)
Down-turned mouth (marionette lines)
Lines around the mouth (smokers’ lines)
Frown lines
Hollow temples
Dark circles and eye bags
Sculpting and plumping lips
Re-shaping your nose
Bony wrinkly hands

Dr Tailor aims to achieve outstanding, natural looking results. The aim of the treatment is to restore balance and enhance your features: creating a vibrant, healthy look, not a dramatic change in your appearance.

Patient Reviews


COSMETIC INJECTABLES - BOTOX AND DERMAL FILLERS, SKIN BOOSTERSDr Tailor very knowledgeable & gentle in her approach leaving you time to go away & have a think before embarking on any treatments. She gave a new insight into how my face can be refreshed without going down my usual Botox & Tear Trough route & it certainly worked!!! She's incredibly engaging & has now put together a proper skin plan for me, & again for me to go away & have a read rather than being forced into anything. Very refreshing approach & reassuring that there are some decent cosmetic surgeons out there. A worthwhile trip for sure & someone I believe I'll be with for a while as this was my first experience of the clinic.Female patient (53) INJECTABLES - DERMAL FILLERS (53)
INJECTABLES AND SKIN HEALTHDr Tailor offers highly professional advice and service putting you at ease and giving confidence in her procedures. I have recommended several friend already and will continue being a loyal customer for sure. Other staff at the clinic are also friendly and highly professional. Great clinic!!!Female patient (49) INJECTABLES - DERMAL FILLERS AND MORE (49)
SKIN HEALTH AND INJECTABLESDr Tailor is always so very understanding, hugely insightful, re-assuring, polite, patient and very friendly. Her sympathetic, calm and very kind manner was most reassuring and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering treatments that she offers.Thank you for your kindness.Female patient (52) INJECTABLES - DERMAL FILLERS AND MORE (52)
SKIN HEALTH, INJECTABLESYou are the only clinic I trust , I feel the advice is always genuine and the treatments and products are of the highest quality . Dr Taylor is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring, a lovely person all round.Female patient (52) INJECTABLES - DERMAL FILLERS AND MORE (52)

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