Causes of Rosacea

While the exact cause of rosacea is currently unknown, it is mainly attributed to excess sebum production. In fact, many patients with Rosacea in later life suffered from acne (also a sebum-related skin issue) in earlier life. There are also many contributing factors that cause rosacea: diet, exercise, alcohol, caffeine, hot drinks, sunlight, stress, and also hereditary factors.

Treating Rosacea

The key to treating rosacea is controlling sebum (oil) production and improving the skin’s barrier function. By reducing inflammation, you can effectively improve the symptoms of rosacea.

This can be done by using the cosmeceutical skin range, ZO Skin Health, especially harnessing the power of their hero product, Rozatrol. This range of products specifically targets the skin’s barrier function, reduces the skin cycle to a healthy 4-6 weeks, reduces inflammation, and controls sebum production.

This can be further enhanced by having regular Hydrafacials incorporating Rozatrol.

In addition to this, we would recommend targeting the vascular appearance from rosacea by using a laser treatment. During this treatment, the laser causes the vessels to collapse which causes redness making them less visible. The collapsed vessels are then absorbed by the body eradicating them completely.

After completing this laser treatment, we would recommend using the Dermalux LED light therapy treatment to help with wound healing and stimulate blood circulation and hydration to energise the cellular function and stimulate cellular processes.

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