Having reached my mid 40s and never having experimented with anything more than facials and an ever expanding array of face creams, I finally decided to take the plunge and try a Botox treatment. Why now?

Well, over the course of the last year the creams and the normally healthy’ish lifestyle didn’t seem to cut it anymore.  The lines on my forehead and at the corners of my eyes seemed to have got more pronounced. The ‘number 11’ cavern between my eyebrows appeared to be getting deeper by the week.  I just looked tired and strained.


I knew a few of my friends and colleagues had tried Botox and been really happy with the results.  And I’m guessing I know a lot more who’ve not admitted it, because somehow there is a bit of a stigma around it. Even though Botox has been proven to have bona fide medical benefits. It treats migraines, teeth grinding, excess sweating and the like. But many of us still worry that having it for cosmetic reasons makes us vain or afraid of the ageing process.

The treatment

But, I managed to put these fears aside and finally took the plunge and booked my appointment.  Nervous – a bit – but the team at health + aesthetics couldn’t have been more reassuring.   They understood my concerns about not wanting to look ‘ridiculous or ‘waxwork like’. They easily dispelled the myths.  Dr Tailor and her team firmly believe in the ‘less is more approach’. I was reassured by ‘after’ pictures they showed me of fresh faced smiling patients, bearing not a hint of the ‘spooky airbrushed’ look, I so feared.

Baby botox?

Dr Tailor recommended I try what is known as ‘Baby Botox’ first. This means that they inject only small amounts, leaving me with some muscle movement.  With a little pencil she marked the precise points on my face where she would inject. Then within minutes it was all over.   There was no blood and thankfully no bruising.  She said that I could return for a ‘top up’ if I thought the results weren’t enough, but over the following two weeks I gradually saw my complexion improve before my eyes.  Every morning I’d rush out of bed to examine my face in the bathroom mirror and yes, I definitely looked less tired, less drawn and far more fresh faced.  I looked like a better version of me and I could see just why the procedure is so popular.  I asked myself “Why had I waited so long to do it?”

Botox before & after treatment

Since then I have been back to Dr Tailor on two more occasions.

The result

The subtle, natural results delighted me and it has boosted not only my face but also my self-confidence.  And if something so quick and simple can do that then stigma, or no stigma, I will wholly admit I’m a convert.

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