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Losing control of your bladder or developing leakage issues can be very embarrassing and upsetting. At Health & Aesthetics, we can use a treatment called Emsella to strengthen your pelvic muscles and improve your bladder control. But does the Emsella Really work? And what can I expect from the treatment?

1.  You’ll Love the Results

There are several reasons why you might be struggling to control your bladder. If you have stress incontinence, you will experience leaks and accidents when you are being active or coughing. It’s common to develop this type of incontinence after pregnancy as it weakens the muscles in your pelvic floor. In addition, the muscles in this part of your body may change as you get older or go through menopause.

Emsella can be a wonderful way to fix this type of urinary issue. During your treatments, you will sit on the Emsella chair, fully clothed, that will use electromagnetic energy to strengthen the muscles that are causing your urinary issues.

2. You’ll Have an Initial Consultation

Before you receive your first treatment, you’ll need to have an initial consultation at with our Doctor.

Discussing Your Urinary Issues

During your consultation, we will talk about your urinary issues. At this point, you should be prepared to tell us about the type of accidents and leaking issues that you are experiencing. We will also need to go over your medical background.

Determining Your Eligibility

We will use this information to determine whether you can benefit from using this incontinence treatment. You need to understand that some medical procedures and health issues can prevent you from using this treatment. For example, you cannot have this treatment if you have a pacemaker or other implanted metal device in your body.

does emsella work
Dr Rekha Tailor and the Emsella Chair

3. You’ll Receive Non-Invasive Treatments

You won’t require any anaesthesia or receive incisions in order to regain control of your bladder. The Emsella treatment is completely non-invasive. In fact, you’ll be able to remain fully dressed during all your appointments.

You will begin your treatment by sitting on the Emsella chair. Once you are sitting down, this device will send electromagnetic energy into the muscles in your pelvic floor. As your muscles are contracting, you will feel a gentle tingling sensation. This feeling will be very comfortable although it might feel a little strange to begin with.

4. You Won’t Have Any Downtime

The Emsella treatment doesn’t require you to take a break from your job or make any other adjustments to your usual routine. Once we have finished strengthening your pelvic muscles, you will be able to get up and leave our office. You can go to your workplace, run errands, or return to your home.

does emsella work

5. You May Need Multiple Treatments

Although your bladder control may improve after you get one Emsella treatment, in general, you are likely to need at least six treatments. You’ll need to wait for a complete of days between each incontinence treatment.

Receiving Maintenance Sessions

You may also benefit from getting routine maintenance sessions. We can tell you more about these maintenance treatments after you have completed your initial treatment plan.

Achieving Improvements

This treatment works very quickly, and you should see some improvement in your bladder control after you get your first treatment. As you continue to receive additional sessions, your leakage, accidents, and other urinary problems should gradually decrease.

6. Your Quality of Life Will Improve

Dealing with urinary incontinence can decrease your happiness and self-confidence. Your fear of developing leaks or having accidents may prevent you from attending parties or enjoying other social events with your friends and family. In addition, you might turn down work opportunities that require you to spend large amounts of time away from your home.

Regaining control of your bladder can improve your social life and allow you to accept new challenges. This improvement is likely to make you happier and more confident. In fact, during clinical studies, 95% of people said that their quality of life improved after they used finished their Emsella incontinence treatment.

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