The nation’s favourite season is finally upon us: the sky is blue and the warmth of the sun on our back is a welcome sensation. We have the prospect of barbecues, enjoying time outdoors and long, sultry evenings to look forward to – possibly even a holiday to get ready for. What’s not to love?

Whilst the majority of us in Britain, 44%, state that this is our preferred time of year, further scrutiny of the data behind a poll by YouGov show a decrease in the likelihood of us favouring summer the older we get. It may only be a slight movement – the percentages reduce by 4% and 6% respectively for the age bands of 50 – 64 years and the over 65 age group.

In an increasingly image-conscious world, one of the reasons for this could be due to reducing body confidence as we age. With the prospect of warmer temperatures, it’s not practical to stay wrapped up and hide ourselves away under layers of clothing.

Equally, we might not relish the thought of going under the knife to feel at our best, so with that in mind, we take a look at how to get summer ready with non-invasive treatments to help you fully embrace the best the season has to offer with confidence.


This is one of the most common beauty treatments and is probably the one most people have heard of.

The term ‘botox’ is short for Botulinum Toxin, a small amount of which is administered by a fine needle to a targeted area and works by essentially blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles so that the muscle no longer contracts.

In targeting a specific area, fine lines and wrinkles are gradually smoothed out as the associated muscles relax whilst retaining movement elsewhere.

Common areas treated are the forehead and around the eyes, in particular, the corners to tackle ‘crow’s feet’ and between the eyebrows to address frown line. It can also be used to treat ‘bunny lines’ between the nose and the corner of the mouth and the chin, which can be susceptible to a ‘pebbling’ effect.

Quick treatment times – the procedure is usually completed within around twenty minutes – and the absence of side effects and time to recover make botox a convenient and safe process.

With results initially being visible two days after treatment on average, at their peak around two weeks afterward and lasting up to four months, it’s an easy way of ensuring that your face reflects the joy of summer: refreshed, rejuvenated and wrinkle-free!


Whilst a welcome sight for many people, the summer sun in the sky blasting down its hot rays can be a source of dread and embarrassment for some, particularly if they suffer from hyperhidrosis.

More commonly known as excessive sweating, this condition can make sufferers feel self-conscious and impact their ability to enjoy the summer, particularly as it can be unpredictable. In addition to the stress it causes – which can, of course, increase the likelihood of sweating – it can also lead to painful irritation and potential infection of the local area.

Happily, here at Health & Aesthetics, we have a dedicated hyperhidrosis treatment which involves identifying problem areas, usually armpits, and administering an injection of Botulinum protein.

Similar to the botox procedure for tackling wrinkles, this works by blocking the nerves that are connected to the sweat glands and therefore preventing them from producing sweat.

It is a treatment that usually takes around fifteen minutes and the results are noticeable after a couple of days. Again, as with similar treatments for smoothing out fine lines, the best results are seen after two weeks and last for six months.

The fear of unsightly, visible sweat patches can restrict your summer wardrobe so book a consultation with us and you could be worry-free all the way through to Christmas!


If wrinkles on your décolletage or a sagging jawline are a concern for you, plumping treatments such as dermal fillers could be for you.

We offer two types of dermal fillers here at Health & Aesthetics: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Collagen Stimulating Fillers.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are fully reversible treatments that restore volume and smooths lines by attracting water from surrounding tissue and helping the skin to retain moisture.

They can be used almost anywhere on the body and here at Health & Aesthetics, we only use hyaluronic acid fillers of the highest quality, so they offer a safe and flexible option for improving your summer skin.

Collagen Stimulating Fillers are an effective, non-reversible treatment which gives a natural, healthy-looking result by stimulating the body’s collagen production.

It restores plumpness to the face and hands and not only helps to smooth out lines but also can reshape problem areas such as the nose – or even help to sculpt the cheeks and jawbone for a rejuvenated, vibrant you.

In addition to the treatments mentioned here, we explore Ultherapy in our blog so take a look and see which options are best for you.

So, if you’re looking for a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment that brightens up your summer, get in touch with us to book a consultation!

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