Juvederm Volux

Juvederm Volux is the latest addition to our fillers range which offers incredible results for those looking to sculpt and improve the jawline area. Launched in May 2019 and produced by the market leading Juvederm (owned by Allergan the producers of Botox), Volux is FDA approved and has had incredible results already.

As we age, we suffer bone loss and therefore our facial structure changes, often characterised by hollowness around the eyes and temples. In addition to this, we lose fat from the fat pads which causes a further loss of volume, especially when combined with bone loss. When you then add in the loss of collagen and increase in muscle laxity, you will often see sagging and jowls develop in the lower face. It has been specifically designed to combat this volume loss and sagging by defining the chin and jawline area.

Juvederm Volux

What is Juvederm Volux?

Juvederm Volux is a crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid filler which the most elastic and cohesive filler in their Vycross range. It is a thicker filler which can be sculpted to give a tailored result and natural changes.
What’s more, it lasts between 18-24 months and has had a 94% satisfaction rate with patients on their clinical trials.

What do results look like?

Juvederm Volux creates a more sculpted jawline and produces a lifting effect for the chin and neck.

Juvederm Volux
Juvederm Volux

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