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For optimum skin cellular health, we need to restore and protect the skin’s natural barrier function.

Daily Power Defense is the key step in your regime to repair, rebuild, restore and strengthen the skin’s barrier function whereas AOX Illuminating Serum is the key step to free-radical defense, providing the skin’s barrier with protection.

What is Daily Power Defense?

Daily Power Defense’s unique formula includes ceramide 6 and matrixyl 300 for ultimate lipid replenishment to aid skin barrier repairment and function. Daily Power Defense also uniquely uses ultrasomes and roxisomes to help speed up the skin’s natural repair process.

daily power defense

What is AOX Illuminating Serum?

AOX Illuminating Serums is a complex, concentrated antioxidant serum that provides all-day protection against pollution whilst visibly illuminating the skin.

aox illuminating serum

The AOX Illuminating Serum uses three exclusive technologies to provide the skin with ultimate antioxidant protection.

The three technologies consist of ZOX12, ZO-RRS2 and ZPOLY complexes. These technologies use a combination of vitamins, plant stem cells and plant-derived polysaccharides to protect against free radical damage, neutralize free radicals, and to encourage hydration. Whilst Micra minerals give a highlighted, illuminated glow.

When should I use the products?

We recommend using AOX during the day and Daily Power Defense in the evening, however, if you have an impaired barrier function and/or inflammation Daily Power Defense may be recommended for you to use twice daily.

To protect our skin from free radical degeneration we need to provide our skin with the ultimate protection, in the form of antioxidants. Free radicals are the atoms that damage skin cells and cause oxidative stress.  We are mostly exposed to free radical damage throughout the day therefore antioxidant protection should be prioritised throughout the day. Therefore, AOX Illuminating Serum is best suited for a morning application. ZOX12 technology provides the skin with 12-hour antioxidant protection.

Our skin is most receptive to ceramides overnight, this is when our skin’s natural restoration phase takes place, whilst we sleep. Ceramides restore the skin’s natural lipids. Lipids keep the skin barrier intact and boost hydration. Therefore, Daily Power Defense with its inclusion of ceramide 6 and matrixyl 3000 is best used at night.

To summarise lipid replenishment is key to barrier restoration and function and antioxidants are key to barrier protection.

For optimum skin health, restoration and protection are both needed and one without the other will not provide the skin with the ultimate healthy skin.

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