Our skin can often be a big influencer on our confidence. If we have skin issues, it can cause a profound effect on our quality of life and how we interact both in our professional and personal lives. That’s why we teach the importance of skincare.

Skin can often be a reflection of our inner health and having issues with our skin can affect our inner well-being as well as affecting our mental health. It is the first place we spot ageing, indulgence, diet, sleep and is a key indicator of how our body is functioning.

Healthy skin is the key to looking the very best that you can at any age

importance of skincare

When we are looking at treatments for our patients, we will often recommend that they prepare their skin to be the healthiest it can be prior to any treatment. But many are confused as to why we do this.

Put simply, the skin is a canvas and often integral to the healing and risks associated with most treatments. Without healthy skin, we don’t only not look our best, but we won’t get the best results from treatments.

We truly believe in ZO Skin Health by Dr Zein Obagi as it is a comprehensive professional system of skin care products to treat photodamage, pigmentation, acne, lines, large pores, oily skin and dry skin.

How does ZO Skin Health and Obagi Medical differ?

importance of skincare

Dr Zein Obagi left Obagi Medical after feeling uncomfortable with a one size fits all approach with skincare. He believes in a tailored approach for each individual patient based on their skin needs and issues and the skin’s health. Each system or protocol is developed and designed specifically to suit you and your lifestyle and will address the issues that affect or bother you most.

The ZO Skin Health range is effective for restoration and long-term maintenance of healthy skin. It repairs the skins barrier function and restores the skin to a healthy skin cycle, while treating a slew of issues such as pigmentation, acne, rosacea, ageing, melasma and a host of other issues. The products work at the cellular level to achieve the best results.

Dr. Obagi says that ZO “raises the bar by treating the skin at every layer, feeding it with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and retinol. This allows you to get the best results so the skin can come full circle.”

Dr Obagi’s approach is one of the reasons why we insist on seeing our patients for skin reviews and why we don’t sell the products online. We want to ensure any product you buy is best suited for you and your issues.

How do the ZO products complement other treatments?

importance of skincare


Bottulinum toxin aka Botox is a massively popular treatment for wrinkle correction. It is the most common cosmetic procedure globally and corrects wrinkles temporarily by relaxing the muscle which is the cause of the wrinkles. In turn, you will stop bad habits in their tracks, meaning those temporary “movement” wrinkles, will not set into a permanent wrinkle.
As we age, our skin thins and muscles get stronger. Coupled with a decrease in collagen production at 25, we see an increase in lines and wrinkles.
How to combat this? We need to thicken that skin and get collagen levels up. By using ZO Skin Health, skin will be thicker, firmer and have more elasticity meaning the results of Botox will look more natural, last longer and hence achieve optimal results.

Dermal Fillers

We often talk about things going south as we age and fillers are often the cure for this. As we age we find in our face fat starts to decrease in areas that were previously plump. Often this is seen in the temples and under the eyes and we see an increase in volume around the jaw presenting as jowls. Combined with a loss of bone density as we age, we see a big loss of volume and an increase in wrinkles. Dermal fillers help to restore this lost volume and create a plumpness in the areas that need some help.
However, prior to treatment we want to make sure we have prepped the skin to achieve natural results. ZO Skin Health does just this. It encourages thicker skin and helps to produce more elastin and collagen making the skin look more youthful.

Laser Treatment

Laser can be used for many different issues. Our main treatments include skin resurfacing (great for treating scars and wrinkles), skin rejuvenation (treating pigmentation), acne treatments to kill the bacteria and Laser Hair Removal.

importance of skincare

Skin Resurfacing

We always insist our patients prep their skin with ZO Skin Health prior to skin resurfacing with it be with the CO2 or Erbium laser. One of the big risks of any laser treatment is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. ZO Skin Health suppresses the melanocytes and reduces this risk and prepares the skin by restoring the skin’s barrier function and encouraging a healthy skin cycle meaning it will heal quicker.

Skin Rejuvenation

While Skin Rejuvenation is more gentle than skin resurfacing, you still need to you’re your skin prior to treatment. Using the wash, scrub, oil control system of ZO Skin Health you will begin to get your skin into optimal condition. We would then recommend that you start using more active products such as Hydroquinone, melamin, Melamix, Tretinoin or Retinol in addition to your wash, scrub, oil control and SPF to reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

Once this is complete we would treat with our advanced IPL to eliminate the pigmented lesions and enhance. By combining the two treatments of IPL and Skincare, we can enhance the potential results and reduce downtime.
However, it is imperative to ensure that you carry on protecting your skin with an excellent skincare routine including Broad Spectrum SunScreen with ZO Skin Health Daily Sheer SPF 50. ZO Skin Health will not only kick start the treatment by reducing pigmentation, but will also reduce the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is a key risk of laser treatments.

Acne Treatments

Using ZO Skin Health alongside laser treatments means that you can treat the skin’s health using products which will restore the skin’s barrier function, reduce sebum production, exfoliate dead skin away reducing and eliminating congestion in pores. The Laser treatment then kills the bacteria on the skin, further preventing spots and pimples. This is an excellent method of tackling acne.

Laser Hair Removal

ZO Skin Health helps with laser hair removal in a number of ways. It can help with exfoliation and restoring the skin’s healthy skin cycle to prevent ingrown hairs. Using the treatments on the body such as Body Emulsion Plus and Cellulite Control, you can also treat cellulite and restore the skin’s barrier function so that the appearance of the skin is much improved. This improves the appearance of the skin after laser hair removal.

Cellulite and fat reduction treatments

By using the ZO Skin Health Body Emulsion Plus and Cellulite Control, you can restore the skin’s barrier function, encourage a healthy skin cycle and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. When combined with fat reduction treatments and body contouring this helps by improving the appearance of the skin enhancing the results and improving the contouring effect around key areas such as the hips, thighs and buttocks.


By using Zein Obagi’s key principles of treating each patient individually, you can use ZO Skin Health products to not only improve the skin’s quality and function but also help to achieve better results. It is a key approach of combining the right products, treatments and expertise that will help achieve and maintain excellent results.

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