Dr Rekha Tailor Shares her Advice on Developing Trust with your Patient in the Aesthetics Journal

The Aesthetics Journal is one of the best known and most trusted journals for professionals practising in aesthetic treatments. In the latest issue, Dr Rekha Tailor, founder and Medical Director of Health & Aesthetics, discusses how to develop patient trust. This can help people, who visit her Surrey-based clinic for treatments, feel comfortable throughout the consultation process and procedure.

Dr Rekha shares her point of view as a practitioner in the article. She  gives advice and guidance to other clinic owners and aesthetic practitioners on how to build trust with your patient. Although targeted at other professionals, the article is a useful read if you’re planning to have an aesthetic treatment. It will give you an insight into what to look for when choosing a trusted clinician.

The key points Rekha covers in the piece include:

  • How to build patient trust
  • What happens during the first patient-practitioner meeting
  • What future communication the patient should receive after the initial consultation

Moreover, Dr Rekha’s article complements the pieces she has already written for the Health & Aesthetics Advice Centre. These include What to Expect During a Botox Consultation and How to Find the Right Practitioner for Your Botox Treatment. Combined, these pieces should give you a thorough overview of what you can expect when you book a consultation for Botox, or any other treatment, with Dr Rekha at Health & Aesthetics.

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