Fillers can be vital in the battle of ageing and improving your facial structure. As we age, our fat pockets deflate and as a result, the face starts to sag. This loss of volume contributes to jowels and lines in the lower face as well as ageing characteristics such as hollows around the eyes and flatter cheeks.

By inserting volume back into the face in certain areas, you can restore this volume and create a lift for the entire face.
For those who are looking to create structure to the face, this can be done easily by using select fillers, skillyfully injected to create volume and structure while maintaining a natural appearance.

However, not all fillers are the same and choosing the right filler is vital to ensure that you get the best results.

What is Filler?

Filler comes in many shapes and forms. We personally use Juvederm for our fillers for many reasons. It is produced by Allergan, the owners of Botox. It is one of the few fillers that is FDA approved. It is easier to inject than any other fillers and Dr Rekha Tailor prefers this for producing safer and more natural results.
Juvederm filler is made from Hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in the skin for hydration. It is a moisture binding ingredient which attracts water. By crosslinking these molecules, you can create a filler to restore volume in the skin. What makes juvederm different, is it combines crosslinked hyaluronic acid with uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, which makes the delivery of product extremely smooth via injection. Dr Rekha Tailor personally finds other fillers do not offer this smooth delivery, making the treatment a lot more difficult to product natural results.

What is the safest filler?

We only use FDA approved fillers. In the USA, under 10 fillers are approved for safe usage however, in the UK we can use well over 180. We ONLY use the FDA approved fillers so that we can ensure that we provide the safest treatments to our patients but also treatments and products which are proven to work. Juvederm is one of those key fillers which are FDA approved so it is proven to be safe and effective in independent trials.

What fillers are best for me

Within the Juvederm range of products there are a number of fillers available and each one is specifically designed for targeted area or ailment:

  • Volux – the newest addition to the Juvederm range of products, this was launched in May 2019. A thicker filler this is specifically designed to sculpt and redefine the jaw.
  • Voluma – This is more designed to restore volume to the face
  • Volite – A lighter filler for improving skin quality, hydration and elasticity while treating fine lines.
  • Volbella – for medium loss of volume and contouring of the lips, volbella can be used for treating fine lines.
  • Volift – for deeper set wrinkles and improving contour to the face and lips

*Please note that fillers are discussed and chosen with your Aesthetic Practitioner as to what should be injected where to produce the best, safest and most natural results


When picking your fillers it is imperative to think about WHO is injecting WHAT into your face. The face is a complex structure which needs to be carefully handled to produce safe and natural looking results for any treatment.

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