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Keep your skin looking younger and more refreshed and maximise the effects of skin rejuvenating treatments using ZO® Skin Health.

The team at Health & Aesthetics are big fans of the ZO® Skin Health range – an innovative skin care range based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies. ZO® Skin Health, developed by the world-renowned skin health expert Dr Zein Obagi, uses unique delivery systems and exclusive formulations to bridge the gap between treatments and daily skin care.

What’s the philosophy behind ZO® Skin Health?

ZO® Skin Health was launched by Dr Obagi in 2007, fulfilling his dream of focussing on skin health and combining his knowledge and experience with up-to-date treatments and techniques.

With 35 years’ experience, his driving principle is to treat skin problems from the point of view of restoring and maintaining long-term skin health, rather than focusing on the disease or problem.

ZO® Skin Health combines the principles of good skin health with high quality products to help you develop and maintain healthy skin and prevent future problems. Combining science, products, manuals, protocols and the expert knowledge of medical practitioners, it’s the future of skincare.

What is the difference between ZO® Skin Health and Obagi Medical Products?

We get asked this a lot. Many people have also heard of Obagi Medical Products, but there’s a big difference between the ranges. Here’s a quick guide:

Obagi Medical Products

Obagi Medical Products is a company that grew out of Dr Zein Obagi’s original company when he sold it in 1997. It was originally launched to provide a range of prescription-based skin products for doctors to use with their patients. Dr Obagi sold his stake in the company in 1997, and today, although the company still bears his name, he has no involvement with it.

Why is Dr Obagi no longer involved with Obagi Medical Products

As Dr Obagi says himself:

“Obagi Medical Products were good products for their time, but today I believe they are outdated.”

Dr Obagi

The original system was conceived and marketed more than 25 years ago, and based on the skin health principles at the time. But skin health science is constantly evolving, and Dr Obagi felt that Obagi Medical Products wasn’t keeping pace with science, so he decided to start a new range of products based on the newest skin health knowledge.

Why did Dr Obagi develop ZO® Skin Health

It’s only really in the last 10 years or so that doctors have identified the negative effects on the skin of inflammation and glycation, and the need to enhance skin strength and increase its ability to resist the negative effects of internal and external factors as well as repairing damaged skin DNA. Dr Obagi founded ZO® Skin Health to reflect the latest discoveries and principles of skin health.

Addressing inflammation is one of the biggest aspects of skin health, and, as Dr Obagi says, we’re learning all the time about what causes it. The sun, diet and some medications are all culprits. Inflammation disturbs cell function, and causes the skin to self-destruct. And with ageing, people can experience double or even triple the damage that younger people do when their skin is exposed to these irritants.

ZO® Skin Health products contain ingredients that help to mitigate the inflammation triggers, and Dr Obagi has established the concept of ‘stabilisation’ – the principle of increasing skin strength and making it more tolerant.

Where can I buy ZO® Skin Health products?

Health & Aesthetics stocks a wide range of ZO® Skin Health care products. To be allowed to carry their products, we’ve had training from Dr Obagi’s team, so we can advise you on the right products to develop and maintain your skin’s health. In 2019, Dr Rekha had intensive training on the range from Dr Obagi himself – one of a very few doctors to have this training.

Visit our website to find out about the range of ZO® Skin Health products available, or book a consultation to discuss how we can help you transform your skin.

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