Coolsculpting vs Coolsculpting Elite: what’s the difference? The information below will give you better understanding and help you make a informed decision on the right treatment. 

Coolsculpting in a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure with the aim to remove unwanted access fat cells in the body. Coolsculpting is a great alternative to any tradition surgical procedures to help with improving appearance of stubborn areas of concern. 

The procedure Coolsculpting (cryolipolysis) freezes the unwanted fat cells and destroys them which is then metabolised over a period of time depending on the patient. 

So how does it work?

Using the original Coolsculpting methods we carry out various preparations such as marking out, anti freezing and protecting the area with a glucose pad for the applicator to sit securely. When all has been completed we bring the devices in to take over, a strong vacuum generated by the machine secures its self and draws up the fat. The applicator generates enough freeze to only destroy fat cells, so the surrounding tissues are not affected – this process is called ‘Apoptosis’.

Coolsculpting vs Coolsculpting Elite

Like most aesthetic treatments there is always new innovating technologies and Coolsculpting Elite has been in the pipe line for years. 

Whether you’ve perviously had the original Coolsculpting or Coolsculpting Elite both are very effective treatments for fat reduction but the Elite is more superior. 

So why is CoolSculpting Elite more superior?

Coolsculpting vs Coolsculpting Elite
  1. Enhanced fat reduction – the new technology within the hand pieces can hold and freeze more fat cells than before. 20-25% fat reduction is achieved with a single treatment and now more with the Elite.
  2. Fast Results – with the pioneering engineering and technology results can be seen more quickly. Multiple areas can be treatment at the same time known as “dual or quad sculpting”.
  3. Remodelled applicator pieces – the new Elite applicators have been designed to improve safety and comfort. The new applicators are now a C shape instead of the original U shape to help fit better to natural body contours and minimises discomfort of application. 
  4. Safety improvements – Coolsculpting Elites new patented technology reduces the amount of pressure and squeezing in the applicator. Coolsculpting hope that the decrease of pressure and squeezing fat cells will further reduce the very rare side effect PAH (paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia). The latest studies show that only 0.0051% of patients globally are effected. 
Coolsculpting vs Coolsculpting Elite

Am I suitable for Coolsculpting Elite?

Coolsculpting Elite is an FDA approved fat reduction treatment and is ideal for any patient who would like to improve their natural body without being invasive. Like all aesthetic treatments we strongly advise to have a consultation to make sure its the right treatment for you. 

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